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Our eLearning programme is designed for the busy professional.  Through the provision of relevant and timely content, in convenient and easy to use formats, gaining PD hours has never been so easy. Click here to download a copy of our helpful tips and tricks for live and on demand Adobe Connect webinars


Click here to download the NEW Education Online brochure This brochure outlines all of the online learning products we have available for purchase right now.



Live webinars

These live online presentations can be viewed from the comfort of your home or desk. You can interact with presenters through real time Q&As. All our webinars can be viewed on our Events Calendar.


Learn in your own time at your own pace with our online modules and recorded webinars.

Recorded webinars

Missed a live webinar? Recorded webinars can be paused, rewound or replayed, and include the live webinar's Q&A.

Excel Academy

The Excel Academy offers you the most cost effective way to develop your Excel skills. Start as a beginner and finish as a pro!

IFRS learning and assessment programme

Our new online learning and assessment programme enables you to understand and apply IFRSs principles, concepts and knowledge in a commercial setting with confidence.

Consisting of 36 modules, the programme provides ongoing assessment and a final examination which upon successful completion a certificate is immediately available.  Read more

ISA learning and assessment programme  

Having a good understanding of the key principles of the clarified ISAs will give you the confidence to act decisively and respond effectively to your clients’ and stakeholders’ needs.

This specialist programme is flexible, self-taught and easily accessible so you can learn any time, anywhere. It also has the additional benefit of formally verifying your achievement through an online assessment.  Read more

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